Evolution of food and crockery!

With the growing market, innovations and technologies are also increasing. There are many incredible products launched in the market which changes the world. Coming to the food industry, there is the evolution of varied crockery and glassware’s in the market which is gaining sales growth day by day. Here we have commuted different crockeries which come with few innovations like:

  • Rustic Crockery: Rustic crockery comes with an innovative crockery style used in hotels, restaurants, pubs, in parties and in other dining purposes. This crockery is now in trend for the catering industry as well as hospitality sector. Rustic crockery comes with varied collections like Churchill Stonecast, Seasons by Porcelite, Dudson Harvest, and Utopia Earth. This crockery comes in only four colors including Grey, White, Blue and orange where Churchill Stonecast comes with incredible Blue and Yellow colors, both the colors are equally stylish and elegant and delivers incredible food presentation.
  • Edible crockery: This crockery is very difficult to find as many hotels and hospitality sectors did not come up with this crockery. No washing, no breaking required , and it is very easy to make crockery by baking it in the oven till it turns golden and crispy. Bakeys, from Hyderabad, introduced edible crockery with the concern of environment. Bakey’s introduced flour-based spoon, fork, and chopstick. To make crockery, you have to place chocolate or tortillas in a non-stick baking tray and bake this using microwave.
  • Dudson Harvest: Dudson Harvest crockery offers simple dining which allows food to take the center stage. This crockery comes in White color. This White color crockery does not spot painted rims and dirty spots which existed on the Harvest shades. The Dudson Harvest comes with superb durability and high-quality. This crockery is dishwasher safe and microwave safe. You can use this crockery for microwaves. Dudson Harvest comes in round plates, bowls, and saucers.

Talking about new innovations, the world in recent years has grown with innovations in every field be it new consumable products, innovative smartphone, laser products or any other things.

Dining out becomes more approachable as many hospitality industries come with varied crockery having different types and shapes. Crockeries like glass, stoneware, ceramics, and plastics are now getting outdated. Nowadays stylish and elegant plate, glass, spoon continues in many of the hospitality areas which in turn cost you more as it requires dry cleaning as well which is expensive. Hence introducing the above-mentioned crockery in your sector makes your customers dining stylish and elegant and also minimizes the cost in terms of drying, cleaning and many more. On the other hand, this eating on this crockery are also hygienic.