More Pictures from Apple Store Wedding!!

Wow!! The internet is a brutal place!

We've seen all kinds of reactions regarding the wedding, and most of the negative ones seem to come from the gadget sites.

The important thing is that they chose the apple store for a bigger reason than publicity. In fact, the wedding plans were very hush hush prior to the actual wedding day.

The Wedding at the apple store meant that they would be coming full circle.

Also, for added irony, the video posted on youtube was made with Windows Movie Maker! Boo yah!

Now if i had an iPad... maaaayyybe I'd be inclined to switch over... Just a thought..

Here are some more pictures of the newlyweds.

These were taken by Kit Young with her Canon DSLR 503837897934 (i'm not a camera buff) and they are wonderful. More to come!


Pau said...

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├ętienne said...

After the iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad, here is the iDo i¬/

Saeed said...
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Saeed said...

Congratulations !!!
As a longtime Mac user and lover I really enjoyed and liked what u did !
As a Mac Professional expert, Apple has changed and brought many positive and good things to my life, I wish it does the same thing to yours !!!
Good luck and have a lovely life.

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