First Apple Store Wedding!

Hey all!

Just did my first wedding at the Apple Store on Fifth Ave.

The ceremony kicked off at 12:01 AM on Valentines Day.

After much preparation and anxiously waiting for the moment to come, it was a huge success.

The hot dog stand guy was recording the whole thing on his phone OVER MY SHOULDER!

There were some kids trying to start trouble during the wedding, but other than that, IT WAS PERFECT!

Congrats to Ya Ting Li and Joshua Li

The couple, pre marriage.

The rings were on a first gen iPod. This is the Windows version. Notice how sleek and thin it is. I couldn't even tell I had it in my pocket. I forgot, but which button was the one for tweeting on this thing?

Her vows were written on a card that said "I love you more than this" followed by a picture of an iPhone.
A funny story about the shirt. I looked in every store and I ended up finding it... at Sears... for $4.97... on the clearance rack... In Extra Large...

Apparently, black turtle necks are not "in" this season.

And the beginning of the ceremony.

That's all I have in pictures because I was recording video.

Currently the video is still uploading, but i'll put up more pictures as I find them!


But as a side note, if anyone wants to get married at a White Castle whilst wearing medieval garb.... Holla at me!

Stay Classy!


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